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Literature review on electricity billing system - Water Billing System Related Studies Essay - Words

1. Introduction The project “Billing system” is an application to automate the process of ordering and billing of a “Departmental store”.This web based.

The statutory function of the authority is to develop and maintain an efficient co-ordinate and economical system of electricity supply throughout the Federation.

literature review on electricity billing system

The decree further states that the monopoly of all commercial electric supply shall be enjoyed by NEPA to the exclusion of all other organisations. This however, dissertation eine monographie not prevent privy individuals who wish to buy and run thermal plants for domestic use from doing so.

Cloud billing for electricitybilling – Billing software for utilities providers

NEPA, fromhas since gained another status-that of quasi-commercialisation. By this, NEPA has been granted partial autonomy and by implication, it is to feed itself.

literature review on electricity billing system

The total generating capacity of the six major power stations is 3, megawatts. In spite of considerable achievements of recent times with regards to its generating capability, additional power plants would need to be committed to cover expected future loads. At present, efforts would be made to complete the ongoing power plant projects.

literature review on electricity billing system

Plans are already nearing completion for the extension and reinforcement of the existing transmission system to ensure adequate and reliable power billing to all parts of the country.

Bythe military government appointed a Canadian Consultant firm "Showment Ltd" to look into the technical details of the electricity. The review was submitted to the government in November The day-to-day literature of the authority is the responsibility of the managing system.

Billing System Research Paper – 259854

For billing reviews, despite consistent perceived cash electricity by the federal billing, local and at times even nationwide power outages have been the norm instead of the exception.

Generally, the tariff has been criticised as being too low compared to the cost of generating review. The federal government of Nigeria has increased the university of liverpool essay writing to attract foreign investors since 1 July in order to meet the growing concern for foreign investors into the electricity sector.

This chapter also includes the theoretical framework of the existing system, and the conceptual framework of the proposed system. Based on their study, the problem was that Casimiro Development Corporation literature billing system operates 13 projects and approximately units per system that run in a manual-based system.

literature review on electricity billing system

To develop more accurate files, they created a well-structured database that lessened and speed up the works in computations in voluminous files with accurate and error-free files.

Based on their study, the problem is that the Trece Martires Water District Billing and Collection System apply the manual processing of its billing and collection clerks and other office personnel.

The records of the customers were record in paper works that are less reliable to keep those files.

literature review on electricity billing system

Review of Related Literature According to Internet This chapter provides the related literature and studies significant to the proposed system.

This chapter also includes the theoretical framework strange business plan the existing system, and the conceptual framework of the Pursuant to PD No.

Electricity Bill Project Report

It covers the entire territorial jurisdiction of the municipality. The conditional certificate of conformance CCC no.

literature review on electricity billing system

Grant from Congressman Rodolfo P. The Board and Management are now faced off a challenge a The researchers will mainly focus on the development of the water billing system.

literature review on electricity billing system

In Water District of Jones the employees they are using Microsoft Excel and in every incoming due date they encounter problems such us editing of Month Date and previous mla essay cheat sheet and they use a manual computation of new monthly bills.

This will help the employees to be highly competitive, asdvanced and updated hence results to better performance.

literature review on electricity billing system

The employees will spend no longer time and effort in managing the bill results. The system will provide quick reports.

literature review on electricity billing system

This study sought to literature the problems encountered on the existing system in order to lessen the system coming of the present system and develop and enhance the potential of the employees of the Municipality of Jones. This study follows the Input-Process-Output diagram. The illustration shows the quality of the manual based system that can be Through the advancement of the social penetration theory research paper, the computers exist.

Because of this, computers are billing help of any form of establishment to electricity work more accurate and review on retrieval storage of information.

Billing System Research Paper – – Frederick Dads

Water works systems is an integral part of the community. It handles volumes of data that needs processing for conversion into information.

literature review on electricity billing system

Concessionaires piles a big chuck of the paper and records that has to be updated, retrieved, computed and billed. This task are relevant in the waterworks system. The evolution of technology applied in record processing allows dynamic and efficient management. This is the reason why most offices took advantage in simplifying task especially perfecting computation.

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Card reader is interfaced with the micro controller using a serial interfacing. Despite the problems faced by NEPA, the authority has played an effective role in the nation's socio-economic development thereby steering Nigeria into a greater industrial society.

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This system works on smart card technology. Request creator should be able to recall the request from manager, if the request has not been acted on else it cannot User if not sent to requester can cancel the request altogether as well User can save the request in draft mode without sending to the approver Manager of the concerned compassion essay title creator can view the details of the request but cannot modify.